Rupcco Pharma  Ltd is a pharmaceutical wholesaling and Distribution Company that has adopted a franchise based distribution model as a means to consolidate its market for its goods and services. It has its head office located at Thika Town, Kenya Canners Plaza, third floor where it occupies a space of about 1000 square feet.  The premises has been inspected by the pharmacy and poisons board and awarded with a valid wholesale/distribution dealer’s license. Rupcco has already ten established franchises whose principles have entered into agreement to single source from Rupcco central stores.


The pharmaceutical sector remains one of the most profitable areas of doing businesses in the East African region and beyond. In Kenya, the business has been boosted further by the provisions of the new constitution where the health functions have been devolved to the county government. Rupcco has a rare opportunity to trade with the forty seven (47) devolved government units. Kenya being the economic power house in East Africa region, coupled with its strategic location in the African continent makes it the destination of choice for pharmaceutical investors and Multinational Corporations eying Africa especially in the field of manufacturing and distribution. Kenya is currently the leading supplier of pharmaceutical products in the common market for eastern and southern Africa (COMESA) region, supplying about 50% of the region’s market. Kenya’s pharmaceutical industry is on a rebound, riding on the back of increased expenditure in healthcare and general economic growth over the years. It is for the above reasons that Rupcco has come up with an idea of playing a leading role in this fast growing industry. The business idea presents a noble business opportunity to savvy investors, both local and foreign, who wish to invest in the Kenya’s pharmaceutical industry and Africa at large where there is an enormous potential for quality and affordable generic drugs. Rupcco will need to raise a substantial capital to a tune of ksh100million to be able venture in this lucrative sector.  Rupcco intends to invite strategic partners to invest in this business venture. The able management of Rupcco Ltd confidently promises its potential investors an annual return on investment ranging between 30 to 35 percent. The ongoing integration of East Africa States allowing for free movement labor, goods and other factors of production will generate new and unexploited market opportunities which the early adopters will benefit immensely. Countries like Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda rely heavily on Kenya for supplies of pharmaceutical products. The three East African Countries import from Kenyan market an average of over 70% of pharmaceutical products consumed in those countries.
The business model adopted by Rupcco Ltd will ensue value and responsiveness to the consumer, quality generics, high technology and innovation and unrivaled efficiency by  employing economies of scale and acquiring fast moving generic products coupled by repackaging of fast mover products like hydrogen peroxide, calamine, G.V, tincture of iodine, glycerine, surgical spirit, methylated spirit,liquid paraffin among others.
leading system of networked pharmaceutical drugstores/franchises within the East African region by the year 2020”.
“Rupcco Brings a Franchise mix entrepreneurial opportunity to the local communities and  avail quality and affordable generic medicines with superior customer service, complemented by a strong sense of social purpose, and highly motivated team of professionals to bring customer satisfaction above all”.
Management Team
He is a Trained Pharmaceutical Technologist and holds a degree in Strategic Management. He is an able team leader in Strategy Formulation, Implementation, and evaluation. He is a founder member of Kenya Pharmaceutical Association and a competent entrepreneur with a wide range of business experience spanning a period of over 15yrs. He worked at ET Monks pharmaceutical companyand Kenyatta National Hospital before venturing into private pharmacy practice in the year 2000. He is also a director in Concord Future Technologies and a valued founder member of Rupcco Pharma Ltd
Strathmore Graduate- – Timothy holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree- Double major commerce and Strategy- from Strathmore University and IMIS certification. He is credited with successful development of the business plan for Rupcco.  He brings in a wealth of experience in business administration and operations having previously worked at Safaricom and NIC bank. He also has Micro Finance and entrepreneurial skills important for strategy formulation. Timothy also has certification in Anti Money Laundering
Peter Silali Musundi
Business Development and Strategy
He holds a Bachelor in Strategic Management from Mount Kenya University school of Business and Economics. He also holds a Diploma in Business Management from the same institution. He is a lead team member in strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation at Rupcco and reports directly to the Managing Director.  He worked with Del Monte Kenya Ltd, Finance, before joining Rupcco.
Company Pharmacist
He holds a degree in bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Nairobi. He heads Regulatory Affairs Department & Foreign contacts.  He is well acquainted with drug registration procedures having been a local agent of some foreign Manufacturing companies. He has worked as a manager with Robins Healthcare Ltd , Hospital Pharmacist in both Chukka and Meru Hospitals, as well as a company pharmacist with  Medivet products  manufacturing company .
Chief Pharmacist
Franchise Build up
He holds a degree in pharmacy from Mount Kenya University and a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology from Kenya Medical Training College and currently pursuing masters in Clinical Pharmacy. He is a former Kenya pharmaceutical Association Nairobi Branch secretary general. He brings a wealth of experience having worked in Kenyatta National Hospital, University of Nairobi medical center, Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and various pharmacy retail outlets in Kenya
He is a Kenyan businessman who has invested in several industries. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree with a double major in Management & Marketing from Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, Western Australia. He is a former founding member of the gospel music group “Mission Driven” in which he served as chairman from 2000 to 2004, earning a nomination for Best Gospel Group during the 2003 KORA Awards in South Africa. He has also sang severally as a soloist with The Kenya Music Conservatoire Orchestra.

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