Held Together By The Vision

Planning to become a pharmacy owner can be a daunting task. For many pharmacy professionals, the ultimate goal of a pharmacy career is ownership. However as reality downs on them, they come to realize that ownership without the necessary managerial skills will lead to nowhere. Pharmacies are lucrative businesses with sure demands. By starting a pharmacy business and knowing the start up requirements, you will be able to make it big and earn big. When you’re considering starting your own business, you have a choice of either, starting from scratch, buying an existing business, or looking at a business opportunity like a franchise. Owning and operating a franchise can be quite profitable. There are thousands of franchised businesses in the world, covering nearly every conceivable industry, from well-known national brands to smaller, local opportunities. However, in Kenya Franchise business remains unexploited field and this is the main reason why over 90% of start up businesses collapse within three years of operation.


Kenya is currently the largest producer of pharmaceutical products in the common market for eastern and southern Africa (COMESA) region, supplying about 50% of the region’s market. Kenya’s pharmaceutical industry is on a rebound, riding on the back of increased expenditure in healthcare and general economic growth over the years. It is for the above reasons that Rupcco Pharma has come up with an idea of plying a leading role in this fast growing industry. The business idea presents a noble business opportunity to savvy investors, both local and foreign, who wish to invest in the Kenya’s pharmaceutical industry and Africa at large.

Rupcco Ltd is a pharmaceutical wholesaling and Distribution Company with a well structured franchise based distribution model as a means to consolidate its market for its goods and services. It has its head office located at Thika Town, Kenya Canners Plaza, third floor where it occupies a space of about 1000 square feet.  The premises has been inspected by the pharmacy and poisons board and awarded with a valid wholesale and distribution dealer’s license. Rupcco has already ten established franchises whose principles have entered into agreement to single source from Rupcco central stores.

By joining Ruai Rupco Franchise gives you the chance of finding your next dream business opportunity with near 100% success rate. Franchise ownership is a great way of running your own business because you can benefit from an established business process and instant recognition as a brand in pharmaceutical industry. Owning your own Ruai Pharmacy Franchise can greatly improve your chances of succeeding in business because the entire network stands to benefit from the highly professional and versatile team of experts trusted with making sound management policies. The Rupcco Pharmacy Franchise community claims that all the Franchises it has fronted  are still operating profitably. The challenges you face as an independent stand alone pharmacist, significantly impact your ability to compete and grow, from reimbursement pressures and limited marketing resources, to heightened competition from chain pharmacies. Rupcco unifies affiliated Franchises under a common brand, providing the collective strength to overcome these challenges and win in today’s marketplace


Rupcco Pharma provides an innovative franchise program designed to enhance franchisee’s ability to compete with chains, and other independent pharmacies. Rupcco provides franchisees with services and programs that help them compete more effectively in today’s retail pharmacy market. By joining Rupcco franchise, you have the contracting strength of many, and ever increasing number of, pharmacies. Rupcco Franchise derives its synergy from its ever growing and expanding branch network which enables the Franchisee to:
Have strong bargaining power when dealing with corporate bodies and government institutions for possible business deals.
Benefit from branding that drives consumer recognition
Benefit from Community advocacy and other related CSR that drives industry recognition
Enjoy the benefits of increased business revenues from online marketing, online medical consultation and online medical orders, among many other e-medicine products and services offered through our website.
Benefit from existing trading arrangements with international partners, corporate bodies and government health care providing institutions.
You inherit the purchasing power of the entire Franchise network. The economies of scale associated with bulk purchases offers friendly and competitive prices to our customers in return.
Benefit from highly reduced cost of marketing because most of the marketing is done by the Franchisor.
By sharing experiences with other franchisees, gives you high confidence levels in business.
To benefit from training and mentorship programs designed by Rupcco and improved risk management by use of our highly trained professionals with skills in legal matters, accounts/audit, management and strategic planning.
Have regional presences that transcend ethnic, cultural and political barriers.
Distribution rights and territorial integrity where each franchisee becomes a collection point.
Benefit from capacity building and management solutions offered by the franchisor, where each franchisee is empowered to trade with county Government and other leading medical institutions in areas of their territorial location.
The company intends to assist and empower potential Franchisees with unmatched managerial skills in identifying a good location for their business, cash flow projections, planned growth and budgetary estimates, training, marketing, impacting Technical skills, manpower, tax returns, business licensing, business registration and establishment among others.


“leading system of networked pharmaceutical drugstores/franchises within the East African region by the year 2020”
“Ruai Pharmaceuticals Brings a Franchise mix entrepreneurial opportunity to the local communities and  avail quality and affordable generic medicines with superior customer service, complemented by a strong sense of social purpose, and highly motivated team of professionals to bring customer satisfaction above all”.