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Rupcco Pharma Limited is a registered pharmaceutical company in Kenya. The company is a wholesaler and distributor of quality pharmaceutical products that aims to play a leading role in developing the pharmaceutical industry within the East African region. Rupcco Pharma has adopted Franchise based distribution model through strategic alliances with potential Franchisees in in various towns. Key objective is to provide quality generic products at affordable prices to our Franchisees and ultimately to our loyal end consumers of our products. The system offers a rare opportunity to potential investors as Franchisees and those interested in buying shares from the mother company. With as little as Ksh 600,000, one can own a Franchise outlet at a designated location and become sole agent or sub-distributor within region the where the Franchise is established. Rupcco Pharma provides with trading stocks to all its existing Franchise outlets. Potential investors in the mother company have at their disposable about ksh 60,000,000 worth of shares that are up for grabs and will benefit immensely from this fast growing industry. An investor in equity may opt for preference share or ordinary shares. Investors who are also Franchisee will benefit even more in terms of credit and other benefits. Rupcco Pharma can only accommodate fifty shareholders for total capitalization of ksh 100m and the allocation of shares is on first come first come first served bases and the deal is open to both local and international potential investors.
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New Market for your Product
Rupcco Pharma also welcomes joint venture with international investors eyeing East African Market, assist with products registration, distribution, marketing and also offer regulatory affairs solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. If you are interested to be present in the Kenyan and East African market, Rupcco Pharma is here to help you. Companies who wish to have a share of the Kenyan and East African market need to ensure compliance with the Kenyan pharmacy and poisons board Act. While the regulatory process seems complex, our strategic regulatory solutions help you pass the process smoothly and efficiently.

Rupcco Pharma Ltd has its headquarters in Thika town with Nairobi metropolis in Kenya. The company’s premises has been inspected by the pharmacy and poisons board and issued with both premises and practice licenses for wholesale and distribution. We have several revenue streams both in wholesale and fees. Our System has a fast growing Franchise network within Kenya. Current list of Franchise outlets include: Thika, Ruai, Kamulu, Maua, Kagio, Mau Narok, Embakassi and Gilgil. The franchisees buy their products from Rupcco Pharma Central Stores where they are assured of competitive prices through economies of scale and also high quality generic products. We are currently in the process of registering our own products with The Pharmacy and Poisons board of Kenya.

We are in the process of strategically positioning Rupcco Pharma to take advantage of the available opportunities in pharmaceuticals wholesale and distribution in Kenya, East Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole. Of key importance is current devolution of health function in Kenya that enables Rupcco Pharma to partner and trade with any of the forty seven county governments. As such the company has a planned capital amounting of ksh100,000,000 to help it tap into this rare opportunity.

Rupcco Pharma has adopted a two tier board namely the board of directors and the management board. At the top is the President who provides leadership and works closely with the board of directors and the company’s CEO.  The management board is headed by the competent CEO while the board of directors has a chairman at the top. The company puts a lot of emphasis on competence, professionalism and commitment in its choice of suitable persons to join either the management board or the board of directors

Rupcco Pharma Ltd wants to work with you to position ourselves strategically to tap into the enormous business opportunities in a fast growing pharmaceutical industry in East Africa. The plans value chain vertical integration in the pharmaceutical industry for improved quality, efficiency and sustain competitive advantage as we take cost leadership to new levels.

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